Himaya Prevention enables an independent assessment of a supplier's compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and the additional requirements of Responsible Sourcing Policy requirements defined by the company.

Responsible Sourcing Auditing Service provider for suppliers:

We have a tie-up with a well-known auditing agency to get your organization certified and if there is no specific auditor certification required then we can audit and certify your organization based on general market standard requirements.

Responsible Sourcing Auditing Service provider for companies:

Himaya Prevention Private Limited have a team of certified experts who will audit your suppliers based on the extensive checklist. This checklist is designed based on Relevant Indian Standards Acts and Rules. Our experts are available to discuss and include further compliance requirements of suppliers based on your organizational needs.

 Checklist for Responsible Sourcing Audit

Predefined List of compliance checks (List is tentative)

1.       Company profile (If necessary)

2.       Original Incorporation certificate

3.       Original Trade License

4.       Original Fire License

5.       Original Land usage rights (If necessary)

6.       Original Factory License (If necessary)

7.       Original Environment License (If necessary)

8.       Original Boiler Certificate (If necessary)

9.       Boiler operator certificate (If necessary)

10.   Original Generator License

11.   Copy of Certifications or other audits

12.   Original Group Insurance Confirmation Certificate for workforce

13.   Drinking water testing report

14.   Wastewater testing report

15.   Agreement copy with nearest clinic/hospital 

16.   Original Export and Import License (If necessary)

17.   Approved Floor Layout

18.   Approved building plan

19.   Policies & procedures- (If Applicable)

19.1.         Anti-corruption & anti-bribery

19.2.         Recruitment

19.3.         Working hours, health & safety            

19.4.         Discrimination

19.5.         Compensation

19.6.         Child labour

19.7.         Force labour

19.8.         Harassment & abuse

19.9.         Leave

19.10.     Freedom of Association (FOA)

19.11.     Written emergency & accident procedure

19.12.     Grievance Procedure

19.13.     Wastage disposal procedure

19.14.     Disciplinary action procedure etc.

19.15.     Policy on subcontractors

20.   Trainings- First aid, Health & Safety, Firefighting, Fire drill, PPE, Mid-level management, Orientation/New workers, Machine safety & operating procedure, Chemical handling, MSDS etc.

21.   Personal files- Doctor, Nurse, Electrician, Security guards, Boiler operator, Generator operator, Safety officer, Fire trainer, Mgt representative for Code & Law implementation.

22.   Benefits- Resigned workers' files

23.   Leave Register-Annual, Casual, Sick etc.

24.   Maternity payment records

25.   WPF & WWF

26.   Freedom of Association (FOA) records

27.   Electric maintenance records

28.   Machine maintenance records

29.   Generator maintenance records

30.   Boiler maintenance records

31.   PPE maintenance records

32.   Firefighting equipment checking records

33.   Waste disposal records

34.   Chemical distribution records

35.   Workers' medical check-up records

36.   Sound level measurement records

37.   Water Consumption records

38.   air emission records

39.   Disciplinary action records 

40.   Grievance/Suggestion box register

41.   Accident register & investigation records

42.   First Aid Box usage register

43.   Internal monitoring (audit) system

44.   List of chemicals (If necessary)

45.   List of machines (If necessary)

46.   Risk assessment: New, expectant mothers & vulnerable workers' risk assessment

47.   Health & Safety risk assessment records (For all areas & functions).

48.   Transmittable and non-transmittable diseases risk assessment

49.   Wages & Time records: Wages sheets, OT sheet, Time cards & Personal files — Past Months (Within the scope)

50.   Copy of pay slip

51.   Others- Attendance records

52.   Piece rate records (if necessary)

53.   Production records

54.   Provident Fund record (If necessary)

55.   Workers' personal files

56.   Increment record (If necessary)

57.   Capacity planning

58.   Hand book (if any)

59.   Workers' ID card

60.   Updated insurance and licenses (machines, vehicles, drivers etc.)

61.   Health & Safety committee, if any

62.   Sub-contractors list

63.   Sub-contractors monitoring system

64.   Organization chart


Responsible Sourcing Audit Process